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Exclusive Profile: Origami Owl

by Jennifer Workman Pitcock
Driven by a Dream
Two years ago, 14-year-old Isabella “Bella” Weems told her parents she wanted a car for her 16th birthday. Her parents made a deal with her. If she wanted to create a business and earn the money, they would match her investment. With $350 in babysitting earnings and $350 from her parents, she invested in some clear lockets. She called them Living Lockets. Customers could customize by choosing charms to place inside the lockets.

Weems named her business Origami Owl and got to work designing and selling lockets and sharing her goal with others. She hoped to earn enough to buy an old truck—$3,000 to $6,000. But it quickly became apparent that she could earn much more...

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Kicking off the month of March, my favorite month, with a kiss!

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{Bridesmaids Gifts}


Origami Owl lockets make a beautiful gift for bridesmaids.

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TCU Frog Princess Locket

Is your princess turning into a frog? Or maybe you were a frog?

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Fashion Friday

As the spring approaches we know lots of girls happily preparing for their weddings! Are you walking down the aisle this spring as a bride or bridesmaid?

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