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Join us in welcoming the U.S. Hispanic market and Puerto Rico to our family!
Yesterday we officially entered the U.S. Hispanic market and Puerto Rico, and can’t wait to begin a new journey with Spanish speaking Designers and customers. It’s the first step in our international expansion plan, and goal of making Origami Owl a household name around the world. Below is a warm video welcome from Bella—in Spanish, expressing her love of family and briefly introducing Origami Owl. If you have Spanish speaking friends, share it with them!

Speaking of households, did you know that one in six U.S...
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Celebrate the Woman You Love

When you scraped your knee, she kissed it and made it better. When you scored your first goal in soccer, she was there to cheer you on. When you were scared, she held you and assured you that everything would be all right. You are her heart, her soul and everything she lives for.

Her actions often go unnoticed. From waking up in the middle of the night, taking care of you when you were sick and wiping away your tears, she’s provided unconditional love and support throughout your life.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to show your gratitude to that special woman who has sacrificed so much with a meaningful gift she will treasure for years to come.

Celebrate her achievements, embrace her love and capture her story with a Living Locket filled with our special selection of...

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Origami Owl and Childhelp

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. To raise awareness, Childhelp, a national nonprofit dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse, recognizes a special organization in front of a Congressional committee. This year, Origami Owl received the Childhelp Corporate Award for our involvement in the Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe Program.Origami Owl founders Chrissy and Bella Weems joined Childhelp founders, Sara O’Meara and Yvonne Fedderson on Capitol Hill to support bills aimed at reducing the number of children whose lives are lost due to neglect and abuse...

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Driven by a Dream

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Exclusive Profile: Origami Owl

by Jennifer Workman Pitcock
Driven by a Dream
Two years ago, 14-year-old Isabella “Bella” Weems told her parents she wanted a car for her 16th birthday. Her parents made a deal with her. If she wanted to create a business and earn the money, they would match her investment. With $350 in babysitting earnings and $350 from her parents, she invested in some clear lockets. She called them Living Lockets. Customers could customize by choosing charms to place inside the lockets.

Weems named her business Origami Owl and got to work designing and selling lockets and sharing her goal with others. She hoped to earn enough to buy an old truck—$3,000 to $6,000. But it quickly became apparent that she could earn much more...

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